GPU Mining Pool with autoexchange to Bitcoin

Today: 1 GH/s Ethash = nan BTC per day.

POOL Specifications

Ethash (Dagger Hashimoto) Multicoin pool

  • Mining of the most profitable coin raises the average income of pool users.
  • Average profitability of higher than 100 % in relation to profitability of Ethereum is reached.
  • Autoexchange to Bitcoin: no need to wait for your coins to deposit and to sale manually at the exchange. The reward is charged in Bitcoin at once.
  • Local proxy server is used for mining: it allows to stabilize traffic and reduce the number of rejected jobs. Regular payments are performed once a day.
  • We work with coins that require GPU memory size of at least 3 GB.
  • Pool coin transfers are completed via smart contracts automatically in a blockchain, we don't use private keys, external software or transfers within databases/wallets.
  • Support of multi-factor authorization.
  • Support of farm monitoring.
  • Anonymous mining: nobody except you will see the data of your account or wallet.
  • Minimal pool fee is 0.5 %.
  • Minimal amount of payment is 0.005 BTC
  • PPS payout scheme
  • Multiple languages support (English/Russian).

HASHRENT Profitability

Average profitability of HASHRENT in relation to Ethereum for the last 10 days: nan %

BTC conversion

HASHRENT pays for your work in Bitcoins

Today: 1 GH/s Ethash = nan BTC per day.

Period BTC / 1 GH/s USD / 1 GH/s
Hour nan nan
Day nan nan
Week nan nan
Month nan nan

Referral program

Bonus program

Profit above 100% in relation to Ethereum profit is considered a Superprofit.

You can buy Superprofit for Pegascoin (PGC) at 50% discount.

To buy Superprofit you need to send Pegascoin (PGC) to your special PGC wallet and set your Superprofit buy request percent (to 100% or as you wish).

Your profit will be at 100% level without buying of Superprofit.

You can buy Pegascoin here:


Start Mining


  1. Create an account
  2. Add a new farm
  3. Download the mining software for your farm
  4. Unpack the software to any folder, open that folder and run the included .bat file (START_****.bat)


  1. Create an account
  2. Add a new farm
  3. Download the mining software for your farm
  4. Check the included file "readme.txt" for setup instructions


coming soon

HASHRENT Farm Monitoring

You can watch your video cards status on your personal page.
E-mail notification is performed in case of mining problems/failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All donated coins will help HASHRENT to support development

BTC: 1JiKquaMk7wibuVY5HYobLPiDD3YyJhpyX
ETH: 0x7ff5bfb9895b52043c851d72119bcc86404cc8f2
PGC: 0x7ff5bfb9895b52043c851d72119bcc86404cc8f2